Bultest & Co OOD offers the following testing and inspection services:

1. Radiographic inspection

Radiographic inspection is used to examine welds, castings and forgings in order to indentify volumetric and planar flaws by using gamma and X-ray sources of ionizing radiation. The method is also suitable for the examination of metallic materials with wall thickness up to 200 mm.

For radiographic inspection we are equipped with portable gamma and X-ray flaw detectors as well as with gamma and X-ray crawlers for pipeline examination.

2. Ultrasonic inspection

Ultrasonic testing is based on introducing ultrasonic waves generated by ultrasonic probes into the test material and the subsequent reflection /diffraction of these waves by the imperfections within the material.

The method is mainly employed in non-destructive testing of welds with wall thickness greater than 8 mm, castings and forgings.

Ultrasonic testing is used to detect volumetric and planar imperfections such as cracks, lack of fusion, slag inclusion, blowholes, corrosion, laminations and non-metallic inclusions and non-metallic sheet.

3. Magnetic particle testing

Magnetic particle testing is used for the examination of ferromagnetic materials to detect surface and subsurface imperfections.

Bultest & Co OOD conducts magnetic particle testing of welds, castings and forgings.

4. Liquid penetrant testing

Liquid penetrant testing is used to test metallic and non-metallic materials for the purpose of detecting surface imperfections by means of penetrating liquids.

Bultest & Co OOD conducts liquid penetrate testing of welds, castings, forgings and machine components by applying both color contrast and fluorescent penetrants.